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Wind Turbine

Update time:2018-01-22 15:04:02
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As one renewable energy, wind power has been popular to meet the pursue of human on clean and environmentally friendly energy, it provide us infinite clean energy from remote areas, mountains, offshore, and highland. And the demanding is continuously growing to meet the demand of social development.


Generally, wind turbine bearings consist of: yaw bearings, blade bearings, transmission system bearings (shaft bearings and gearbox bearings), generator bearings and other bearings. Yaw bearing is mounted between the connection of tower and cabin. Blade bearing is mounted between the connection of blade root and wheel hub. Each wind turbine generator comprises of one yaw bearing and three blade bearings.


The wind turbines are located several tens of meters above the ground and in remote areas, it is no easy matter to repair parts in the event of a problem. Therefore, it is the essential requirement for the wind turbine bearings 20 years free of maintenance. Considering the severe working environments and complex stress condition, the bearings must be designed using advanced computer simulation with a deep knowledge of materials and heat treatment. In addition, sometimes test evaluations are required using actual size bearings. Based on our expertise on bearing and strong productivity, NPB provide reliable and cost efficient solutions for wind power energy worldwide.

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